About Us

About us

One HealthTech was established in the UK in December 2015 from a small Meetup event on a rainy winter evening. Since then, we’ve come a long way…

We believe that innovation in health technology is not accessible to everyone. We also believe in the power of human networks and communities to drive change, and that every voice should be heard so that technology can positively impact us all..

Our mission

To be the platform that ignites and supports the most dynamic and inclusive health technology communities, that are local to you, and global for all. We aim to achieve this by celebrating and promoting the extraordinary talents and remarkable work that women and people from diverse backgrounds are achieving in innovation. We inspire, support and champion greater inclusivity in future health ,because without ensuring diversity from the Board all the way to the frontline, the healthtech industry will never reach its full potential.

Our vision

To​ ​catalyse​ ​a​ ​truly​ ​open,​ ​inclusive, accessible​ ​and​ ​diverse​ ​culture​ ​for​ ​the​ ​best​ ​future​ ​of​ ​healthcare.

What we do

One HealthTech brings together doers, thinkers and trailblazers to change the face of future healthcare. The community is free to join as we feel our resources and the opportunities we provide should be as accessible as possible.

We are community builders, and do this through a range of activities:

We host and curate events, covering topics from virtual reality, mental health and interoperability, to leadership, data privacy and social care. These range from breakfast gatherings or lunchtime fireside chats, to evening Meet-ups. We are a present at all major national conferences, hosting networking drinks, organizing information sessions, or putting on weird and wonderful Collaborathons (a non-technical hackathon).

We negotiate discounts to external health technology events for the community, provide business and legal support for SMEs, promote interesting professional opportunities, introduce potential mentors and mentees to one another, broker new business connections and spread the news and activities of our community, their organisations and the causes they support, from profiling unique and varied members, to showcasing a Startup of the Month.

The community

Our community comes from many different sectors and industries and includes:

~45% NHS and of the remaining 55% is made of mostly SMEs and corporates, with representation also from academia and the voluntary sector.

Of our membership approximately 5% are speakers and/or contributors to our content and events. These speakers range from industry experts to extraordinarily impressive junior subject matter experts. One HealthTech gives our members and potentially staff from your organisation, the opportunity to share a platform with the best and unique subject matter experts and influential people within the healthtech environment.

Our community is geographically spread with the largest concentrations being in London. We have thriving hubs in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle with a constant demand for new hubs, nationally and internationally.

All hubs are led by local community builders, passionate about digital health in their region.

Why do we need One HealthTech?

Whilst the focus, initiatives and narrative around “women-in-technology” and “women-in-leadership” in health have had considerable impact in raising awareness and addressing their respective challenges, these two strands have developed in parallel. There is now a need for us to establish a new narrative.

Health is in the midst of a major disruption, driven by an exponential growth in pace, scale and complexity of technology. Developments in digital and technology are driving new ways of thinking, creating a means by which more individuals can take ownership of their own health and redesigning models of care. Exciting innovations in hyped-technologies including advances from Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, robotics, genetics and biotechnology are paving a new road to our future population’s health.

Too few of the technology roles across the NHS and the wider health and life science sector are filled by women (47% of the general workforce are female, yet only 16% of IT specialists are women) and this stark under-representation is indicative of the considerable wider diversity gap emerging in what will be a future healthcare system. With considerable challenges to be faced by the NHS and the wider healthcare sector, it is essential to highlight and reflect on the need for diverse leadership and the value better diversity and inclusion can provide in establishing an effective and equitable health system, increasingly driven by technological innovations.

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Michelle Kearns
Michelle Kearns
Co-Founder & Director
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Maria O’Loughlin

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